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Vannes, the Venetian city attracted visitors for sure. What joy to tread the cobbles of the old gates in the middle of people who show a genuine joie de vivre! But the city never rests on its laurels awarded to him on his enchanting. The historic center of the pitch resonates with walkers, activity shops and multiple animations. On the marina in the heart of the city is the excitement. Mariners crowd the docks and watch the many passersby carefully. All around the country opens valves on natural splendor. The Gulf of Morbihan inland sea is the paradise of pleasure. The islands and coastline also offer the great escape, not far from the radiant prefecture of Morbihan. Sightseeing: The Garden of Ramparts, the pond at Duke, the Parc de La Garenne, the port of Vannes, Gulf Park, The papillonneraie full of sports activities, 47 km of coastline offer many activities related to sea, the marshes of Senna. Where to eat in Vannes La Creperie La Taupinière, restaurant Lorgeoux Arnaud Le Pavé des Halles and La Varende smartest. Going out: The Ocean, Atlantic, Swansea, the Corlazo the Inconvenience (boxes).