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As one of our closest neighbours, France’s history is often inextricably linked with Britain’s and it can be particularly fascinating to discover the connections across a shared timeline. As a neighbour, we may sometimes think we have a clear picture of what France is and has to offer… but like our own country, all the different regions have their own distinctive flavour: local customs, gastronomic specialities and diverse landscapes.

This is certainly the case with Brittany; a region with its own language, folklore, traditions and cuisine, its rich cultural heritage draws and enchants visitors from the off. Add to this a striking and breathtaking scenery, ranging from picturesque coves and fishing ports to forests, lakes and sweeping moorland. Art lovers, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and gastronomes will all find plenty to keep them occupied. And Brittany also scores points on the more simple holiday ‘wish list’ of beautiful sandy beaches with excellent facilities, and plenty of family friendly activities such as wildlife and adventure parks.


Whilst some head for the hot weather in the south of France, Brittany offers a comfortably mild climate, usually slightly warmer than that of south-west England – much appreciated by young families and those who don’t enjoy intense heat.

France’s proximity also makes it very convenient in terms of travel of course – with the choice of flying, or driving your own car and not having to limit yourselves to the airlines’ luggage restrictions! The Brittany ferry ports are Roscoff in the west or St Malo in the east, or you can take a shorter crossing to one of the other northern French ports and drive through Normandy. Airports serving Brittany include Dinard on the north coast, Brest in the west, the regional capital Rennes and also Nantes.

Roscoff, le port la nuit

With so much to offer, Brittany draws first-time visitors to experience its unique blend of culture, fun and relaxation, and once smitten they are sure to return again and again!