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Discover the Quimperlé area, a maritime land in Southern Finistère

Quimperlé and the surrounding area is just bursting with natural, cultural and historical treasures for you to discover. Straddling land and sea, this part of Southern Finistère offers all sorts of activities for a great holiday amongst family or friends.

Port of Belon, Moëlan sur Mer

Banks of the Belon, Moëlan sur Mer

Firstly, there are the rias, which are an emblematic feature of our region. At high tide, the sea washes up the rias and creates amazing landscapes where fauna and flora flourish of their own accord. With their quintessential Breton scenery betwixt land and sea, the Aven, Bélon and Laïta rias are ideal places for walking and various companies offer kayaking or boat trips.

The Belon, Moëlan sur mer

The Belon

Doëlan, Clohars Carnoët

Entrance to the Port of Doëlan

All along the coast, there are beaches and inlets where you can enjoy all that the seaside has to offer: supervised bathing, watersport activities, as well as less developed beaches. Tourists are delighted every year by the quality of our beaches, especially in environmental terms, and 5 beaches have been awarded the blue flag mark of distinction for clean waters.

Grands Sables beach, Le Pouldu

Grands Sables beach, Le Pouldu

Kerfany beach, Moëlan sur Mer

Kerfany beach, Moëlan sur Mer

For those who like to get out on the water, between them the rias and the sea provide all sorts of nautical activities: sailing, kayaking, canoeing, bodyboarding, surfing, stand-up paddling, sea fishing… something for every taste! The choice is yours whether to take lessons, to join an organised trip or simply to hire equipment and go at your own pace.


Quimperlé Lower Town

Quimperlé, Lower Town

For those interested in exploring heritage sites, the Quimperlé area boasts a rich and diverse offering. Quimperlé itself is a welcoming and attractive town which sits at the confluence of three rivers – the Isole and the Ellé meet here and flow on together as the Laïta. Split into high town and lower town, and centred around the Sainte-Croix abbey, a Romanesque jewel, Quimperlé is dotted with buildings from various eras: the Archers’ House, the Rue Dom Morice, the Saint-Colomban and Notre-Dame de l’Assomption churches, the Ursuline chapel. There are also numerous historical monuments in the surrounding area, from megaliths to chapels, and calvary shrines called ‘calvaires’ which are distinctive to Breton art and culture.

Quimperlé Lower Town

Quimperlé, Lower Town

Keen walkers and ramblers will find that the Quimperlé countryside is ideal for their pursuits. Between the coastal path and forest trails, there are over 1,200km of routes to choose from in this little corner of Brittany, with plenty of natural and cultural discoveries to make on the way.

Quimperlé, Les Roches du Diable

'Les Roches du Diable' (The Devil's Rocks)

One of the many natural wonders you will come across is the jumble of boulders known as The Devil’s Rocks, steeped in legend. Many routes across the region are also suitable for cyclists or those on horseback. You will find practical information and route suggestions on this Tourist Office website: www.brittanytourism.com/to-see-to-do/iconic-routes

The Aven Belon bay

The Aven-Belon bay

And lastly, there are plenty of local specialities for foodies to enjoy. There is the flat Bélon oyster, renowned for its nutty flavour, which develops during cultivation in the Belon ria.

The flat Belon oyster Oyster beds in the Belon

Oyster beds in the Belon

Cider is also produced in this area, and whilst this most quintessential of tipples is made all across Brittany, the taste and character varies by area, as do the methods of fermentation. And then there is the famous andouille sausage from Baye, made by artisan butchers according to a traditional recipe passed down through the generations since the early 20th century.

La Crêperie du Garzon in Moëlan sur Mer

Buckwheat crêpe with Baye andouille, at Le Garzon Crêperie in Moëlan sur Mer

A maritime land, the Quimperlé area proudly possesses many small ports where, upon the return of the fishing boats each afternoon, you can buy freshly caught fish directly from the dockside.

Come to Quimperlé, everything is in place for a wonderful stay!

Matthieu Papin

‘Quimperlé-Terre Océane’ Tourist Office