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Discover the prettiest river in France, the Odet, and take a trip out to the Glénan islands archipelago, with Vedettes de l’Odet.

Les Vedettes de L'Odet


The Odet – “the prettiest river in France”

Departing from either Bénodet or Quimper, 12 châteaux and manor houses come into view as you cruise romantically along the Odet. Its gentle current, the majesty of its wooded banks and its prestigious residences evoke many a poetic sentiment...

Les Vedettes de L'Odet

The source of the Odet lies in the Montagnes Noires (the Black Mountains) and flows through Quimper, where it widens to form an inlet which flows for about 20km before disgorging into the Atlantic Ocean. The region on the east bank of the river (around Quimper and Fouesnant) is known for its lace headdresses embellished with a blue ribbon, whilst the Bigouden region on the west bank is famous for its yellow on black embroidered garments.

Les Vedettes de L'odet

It is an authentic landscape. As the boat glides silently along the course of the river a beautiful, peaceful and colourful scenery unfolds. And history has not refrained from leaving its mark here: traces from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, as well as the Revolution and the contemporary era, have left architecture and other traces which tell of the lifestyle and stories of our predecessors.

La rivière de l'Odet

‘Promenade’ or ‘Gourmande’ cruises, from April to end September.

On our restaurant boat, the Aigrette, your senses will enjoy an outing of their own as you cruise to the end of the river! An extraordinary journey where the river soaks up the land before disappearing into the ocean. Explore the Odet on board the Aigrette, our boat with a panoramic restaurant, and taste some of our chef’s specialities: roast Cod fillet, Pollock in butter and seaweed, curried Monkfish steak, Breton Lobster ragout… a delight for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds!

Departs Bénodet at 12:00 every day except Monday, from early May to the end of September. The trip lasts about 3 hours. Fixed menus or à la carte, book in advance.

Retaurant Vedettes de l'Odet Restaurant Vedettes de l'Odet

Video: The Odet River

The Glénan islands – “the magic of the islands”

It only takes one hour to reach the Glénan archipelago and its chain of islands. A mini paradise of fine white sand and clear waters, one could believe these islands to be somewhere in the South Pacific. But they also have another character, one which centuries of people passing through have created: prehistoric remains, a fortress for the King’s soldiers, wrecked frigates and corsair vessels… Our superb guided tour will have you captivated.

Les îles Glénan

Located only ten nautical miles from the mainland, but far enough from pollution, the Glénan archipelago has a rich and thriving ecosystem. Various species of gulls (herring gulls, lesser and greater black-backed gulls) as well as shags, pied oystercatchers, terns and plovers live and nest here. But the sea of the archipelago is also a truly tranquil place whose waters are amazingly clear.

Les îles Glénan

On board the Capitaine Némo, our catamaran with underwater viewing panels, you will be plunged into the marvellous silent world of fish, crustaceans and starfish hiding among the seaweed, whose swaying curls make one think of mermaid’s hair. You will be accompanied by an enthusiast of all things aquatic to make the journey a great learning experience.

La chambre, aux île Glénan

In July and August, there is the opportunity to hire sea kayaks (single, double or family) to explore the Glénan archipelago. There are plenty of routes to navigate between the seven main islands which surround the sheltered lagoon.

Video: The Glénan Islands Archipelago

Read more in the article on our blog, The Isles of the Glénan Archipelago.

The Vedettes de l'Odet fleet:


L’Aigrette Bateau restaurant

Bateau restaurant croisière déjeuner sur l'Odet

Le Capitaine Némo

Catamarant vision sous marine aux Glénan Capitaine Némo


Navire rapide Glénan


Aigrette I

Bateau promenade îles Glénan

Aigrette II

bateau promenade croisière sur l'Odet


Aigrette III

Bateau promenade îles Glénan



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