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Henriot, faience from Quimper.

Henriot-Quimper is a manufacturer intimately linked to the history of faience in Quimper. Founded in 1690, it is one of the oldest businesses still active in France today.

La manufacture Henriot à Quimper

The company possesses expertise in traditional methods, maintained for nearly a third of a millennium. From the creation of the moulds to the hand painted decoration, each piece of faience signed Henriot-Quimper is made entirely by hand.

Henriot, la faïence de Quimper

Visitors are invited to discover the workshops of the esteemed painters of Quimper Faience, creators of a varied collection including tableware, home décor, limited editions, and of course the famous ‘bol à oreilles’ which was invented in the 30s by artisans in Quimper – a bowl with ear-like handles and your name painted on the outside.
Le célèbre Bol Henriot
Bol prénom fleuri RoyalNowadays Henriot-Quimper is renewing the tradition during the Art Deco era of artists contributing to the renown of Quimper faience. Once again painters, sculptors and designers are being called upon to collaborate in refreshing the collections and the Quimper style.

assiette Henriot, signée Claudine Kerbrat

                                     Henriot plate, signed Claudine Kerbrat

Les Bigoudènes de M. Pung
                         'Les Bigoudènes' (Bigouden Ladies) by M. Pung

Guided visits of the manufacturing workshops. To find out times of the visits, please consult our website:
Workshop visit in Quimper

Décoration d'un bol Henriot

Art gallery: free entry, Monday to Saturday

Factory shop: free entry, open Monday to Saturday

Online shop: Henriot Boutique


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