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Sarzeau, in the middle of the Rhuys peninsula, is a rural parish with a strong maritime tradition. On its northern shoreline, on the edge of the Gulf of Morbihan, oyster beds and agricultural farms sit side by side creating vast open landscapes of ever-changing colours; on the Atlantic coast to the south, miles of beaches offer themselves up to bathers and sailing enthusiasts.

At Arzon there are many dolmens, menhirs, passage tombs and tumuli to discover, traces of Neolithic habitation. The ‘Petit Mont’ is one of the most notable archaeological sites around the Gulf. However, included in the ‘Nouvelle Vague’ group of resorts which are promoted to appeal to young people, it can be seen that Arzon also offers modernity alongside tradition.

Depending on your leanings, you may fall for the charms of the traditional villages of Port-Navalo or alternatively those of the ultra-modern resort of Crouesty, one of the largest leisure ports of the Atlantic coastline. A little train offers hourly guided tours. At the beaches, you can try scuba diving, windsurfing and boating.

Other activities are also available here, such as tennis, mini-golf, horse riding. In terms of walking routes, the 10km circuit around the headlands affords an impressive panorama over the Gulf.