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Saint Pol de Léon


Saint-Pol-de-Léon is a pretty town in whose stone-coloured streets can be found many notable buildings. Among these are the cathedral, which was built in Norman style between the 12th and 15th centuries and which hosts many concerts of classical and sacred music, and the Notre-Dame-du-Kreisker chapel, famous for its ‘lacework’ stone spire standing 78 metres tall.

Marketing gardening is prevalent around Saint-Pol-de-Léon, in fact it is the main vegetable-growing area in Brittany, and the artichoke in particular is a local celebrity! Capital of the “golden belt”, as this key area for vegetable cultivation in the region is sometimes referred to, St Pol has three facets to its character: its rich religious heritage, its dynamic success in its agricultural activity, and the nautical leisure activities on offer.

The small port of Pempoul, sitting right on the bay, is lovely to explore on foot. The Sainte-Anne islet, joined to the mainland by a causeway, is one of the nicest sites around St Pol. It is great place for walking, popular at all times of the year, offering a magnificent panorama along the coast, especially when viewed from the top of the rocky summit of the Rocher du Guet. The beaches of Sainte-Anne, Kersaliou, Kérigou or Man roll out their carpets of sand to bathers and sunbathers. The nautical centre welcomes beginner and experienced sailors alike, whilst those preferring a more relaxed activity can hunt for shells and shellfish at low tide.

Delightful coastal footpaths await in the vicinity of St Pol. A town of stone and a town by the water, where sea shanties and ditties, the mystical and the profane intermingle… In the town, you can see its very soul expressed in the high walls, cobbled streets and spires. And down by the picturesque harbour, the houses along the quayside seem to be gazing out to the sea and contemplating the headlands stretching out into the bay. Beautiful Roscoff is only a few kilometres away, with its botanical garden and attractive and characterful town centre.