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Roscoff, arrival of the ferry


Roscoff is well known for its ferry connections with Britain and Ireland, as well as its beautiful and exotic botanical garden which benefits from an exceptionally mild microclimate. It is a small 'city of character', built all in stone, and redolent of the days of sailing ships, corsaires and pirates.

In 1872, Roscoff became the first town in France to have a thalassotherapy centre, which was frequented by the wives of emperors and princes, and by famous writers such as Alexandre Dumas, Céline, Flaubert... This caused it to become a renowned seaside resort and spa town, with its fishing port which remains vibrant to the present day. Its deep-water port facilitates both the vegetable-growing industry, very important in the region, and ferry links with the British Isles.

At the heart of the old town’s granite-cobbled streets rises the Notre-Dame-de-Batz Croaz church with its beautiful Renaissance bell tower. Visit the Charles Pérez Aquarium to learn about the local marine wildlife, and of course also the exotic botanical garden which features more than 3,000 species of plants native to the Southern Hemisphere including many cacti, and from where one can admire the view over the stunning bay of Morlaix.

The island of Batz, close to the mainland, can be easily reached by a small boat connection, just 15 minutes from Roscoff, but can feel much further in terms of the complete change of scene that an island represents. The island awaits discovery: its lighthouse, beaches and dunes, and sandy paths between pastures where placid horses graze. The mild climate here encourages flowers and exotic plants to flourish. It is also a land of legend; a famous local tale is the extraordinary story of Saint Pol fighting a dragon.