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The centre of Riec 20 years ago...

Church in the centre of Riec

The centre of Riec

The church and village centre

The Aven

The Aven

Rosbras harbour, quayside

Rosbras harbour

Port of Rosbras

Port of Rosbras, the quayside

Rosbras Port, the café

At the port of Rosbras

Refreshments on the quayside at Rosbras


Riec sur Belon is a lovely, very tranquil, rural commune in the south of the Finistère département. It is also the oyster capital – Belon or Bélon oysters being quite simply the best in the world! They are cultivated in the Aven and the Belon, the two rias – or maritime rivers – which delineate the commune. The Belon is a very flat variety of oyster, so well-known now that its name has passed into common parlance. Our Partner pages give details of where you can buy oysters, lobster and shellfish. These days, Bélon is actually only the final resting place of the oysters, which are brought here to mature for a few months in order to acquire the distinctive nutty taste created by the mix of fresh and salt water in these rivers.

The countryside here is the gateway to an attractive maze of little country roads, which bring you to chapels, to the most delightful thatched cottages and to the tiniest of ports. One such port, and one of the prettiest in southern Finistère, is the port of Bélon, where both fishing and boating are popular. The beautiful natural light and superb panoramic views make a walk along the coastal path a sheer delight, and there is the opportunity to purchase or taste seafood on the quayside, at the restaurant ‘Chez Jacky’.

Rosbras is another charming little port at the other end of the commune, on the banks of the Aven, with its café offering light meals and a good spot from which to admire the sailing boats at anchorage between the ocean and Pont-Aven, which sits at the inner end of this fjord-like estuary.

You can also buy local organic produce in this commune, such as honey, cheeses, and cider from the many orchards in the area. Riec sur Belon is a small town but it is blessed with quite a few small businesses and a medium-sized supermarket, and seasonal events and local festivals take place here.