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The Citadel


A discreet and nuanced charm emanates from Port-Louis, formerly called ‘Blavet’, sentinel of the bay of Lorient. The citadel has a special ambiance created by a pleasing mix of its present-day fishing port identity with hints its illustrious past.

Still protected by its mighty XVII century ramparts, the two-port town (fishing port and pleasure port) still retains some memories from its glory days during the time of the East India Company, founded by Louis XIV. Nowadays the citadel houses the museum, with its collections of furniture, porcelain, paintings, maps and documents from that time of great adventure and trade with far-off and exotic lands.

Richelieu strengthened the fortifications begun by the Spanish, during the Wars of Religion, and constructed the citadel, a model example of military architecture, now finding itself located opposite Lorient’s submarine base on the other side of the water, and facing Groix island out to sea.

In the town of Port-Louis, as well as being able to admire the old XVIII century houses, you will have a great view of the Gâvres peninsula, where there is an exceptional megalithic monument dating from the 3rd century BC, the passage grave of Goërem.

There are several museums to visit as well: the Marine museum, the Arsenal, the Boat museum. And the Esplanade des Patis is a good vantage point for taking in the view of the citadel and the bay of Lorient, accessed via a little doorway in the walls, at the Grands Sables beach.