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Crossed by the Blavet, Pontivy is the central city of Brittany midway between the Channel and the Atlantic. It is a city of contrasts, history, the remarkable character. We never tire of discovering the medieval charm of the old town, strolling near the Blavet, navigate the narrow streets and squares where once held the wheat markets, canvas, and leather, we discover there beautiful houses with wood sides and timbered.

Sightseeing Martray of the square and the Basilica of Our Lady of Joy, dedicated to Saint Yvi, patron of the city. In contrast to the city, the Napoleonic district with its geometric plane of imperial architecture. Commercial city, Pontivy is also a hotbed of Breton culture.

Jewel of the city, the Rohan Castle, imposing medieval fortress is lit every night, it is massive, an example of the Breton military architecture of the fifteenth century. The music festival in July and August is the big event in the cultural life of Pontivy (jazz, classical, music and Breton dance).

The joys of kayaking are available to all on the Blavet, and you will also find two equestrian clubs around Pontivy. Beautiful chapels discovered on the outskirts of the city and in the villages around.