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Pont-l’Abbé is an affluent town, built of stone, located at the inner reach of a ‘ria’, the estuary of the river Pont-l’Abbé. A very pretty town, it is worthy of its appellation as capital of the Pays Bigouden, considered the heartland of Brittany. The name of the town literally translates as ‘the abbot’s bridge’, a reference to the monks of Loctudy who built the first bridge here, between the port and the lake. The river, which shelters birds and pleasure boats alike, confers much charm and poetry to the place. In the estuary, a string of islets are a reminder that the sea is close by.

Visitors cannot fail to be enchanted by the maze of typical narrow streets, with their beautiful 17th century houses. Pont-l’Abbé is still one of the most attractive towns in Brittany, possessing a château whose keep houses the Bigouden Museum. An unhurried amble through the medieval alleys uncovers numerous shops offering artisanal crafts typical of the Bigouden area. Pont-l’Abbé is a great place, and sports and leisure activities are one of its strong points.

The Cornouaille Botanical Gardens are marvellous in full bloom. Above all famous for its traditional costume and lace headdresses, the ‘most Breton town of all’, according to Maupassant, still specialises in lacemaking, whilst also being of interest for its shipyards.

Not far away, one comes to the Pointe de la Torche headland at Plomeur, which marks the southernmost point of the Bay of Audierne. Pointe de la Torche is a paradise for surfers and windsurfers. The surfing world championships have been held here several times. As mentioned, Pont-l’Abbé is the capital of Bigouden country, in which you won’t want to miss visiting the châteaux of Combrit at the mouth of the Odet river.