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Mill on the Aven

Historic tall ship on the Aven

Old tall ship on the Aven

Along the Aven

A 'Bagad' (traditional Breton pipes and drum band) playing on the River Aven

Bagad (traditional Breton pipes and drums band) on the River Aven

The gastronomic restaurant 'La Taupinière'


‘Baradoz an Arzou’, a Breton phrase meaning ‘artists’ paradise’, is often used to refer to Pont-Aven, which over the years has become permanently associated with the art world: its studios and numerous art galleries, about 60, make this town unique in the world! Pont-Aven is the second most important market in France for paintings; a sign at the entrance to the town announces Pont-Aven as the ‘City of Painters’.

Pont-Aven, nestling between Concarneau and Quimperlé, was otherwise known for its mills, which were the principal activity of the area; one saying has it that the town has 14 mills and 15 houses. So how did this little corner of southern Brittany attain such an international renown for art?

American painters discovered the town in the 19th century and found it a charming place. From 1860, Pont-Aven was visited by painters who made Breton subjects fashionable, and from 1870 American artists formed a colony here. But Pont-Aven reached the apex of its fame in 1886 with the creation of the Ecole de Pont-Aven. This was a significant time in the history of art, when a band of painters – Gauguin, Sérusier and Emile Bernard – formed the Pont-Aven School at the end of the century.

Points of interest to visit are the Museum of Pont-Aven, the river valley, the mills, the port with its delightful quayside, the square, the Bois d’Amour wood with the Trémalo chapel which houses ‘Christ Jaune’ by Gauguin. Pont-Aven is a small town nestling at the end of the Aven estuary. It enjoys a mild climate, and its good light and poetic landscape still attracts many painters, artists and writers. The market is held by the harbour every Tuesday morning during the summer.

You will find numerous restaurants and crêperies, souvenir shops, and typical Breton products such as nautical clothing and of course the most famous biscuits in Brittany, Pont-Aven galettes, made with salted butter. There are also two gastronomic restaurants here… read about these superb establishments in our Partner pages.