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Saint-Trémeur chapel

Shoreline of the Rade de Brest

Cove on the bay of Brest

La Rade, Brest's natural harbour

The 'Rade de Brest' bay


At the gateway to the city of Brest, on the other side of the Elorn river, Plougastel-Daoulas is the strawberry capital of France, producing over 1,500 tonnes of the fruit. In addition the town is a significant producer of tomatoes, and is also home to the largest scallop farm in Europe.

It sits on a verdant peninsula which juts right into the middle of the bay, the Rade de Brest. There are eight chapels on the peninsula, all of note, and it is worth doing a tour of them. But the pièce de résistance of the area is without a doubt the Calvary monument at the church in the town. Dating from the 17th century, and adorned with 180 sculptures, it is one of the most beautiful in Brittany. It was made in 1598, after the plague epidemic which devastated the region came to an end, and it was saved from destruction in 1944 thanks to the intervention of an American soldier, Mr Skilton, an art lover and patron who financed its restoration after minor damage caused during the war, which greatly affected the whole area around Brest.

These days, it is a dynamic town from an economic point of view, with many cultural activities, festivals and ‘pardons’ (traditional religious events); a real gem where tradition and modernity are brought together. Stunning panoramic views over the Rade de Brest can be enjoyed from Kernisi, the Kerdéniel headland, and the Anse du Caro bay. In all, the peninsula has 40 kilometres of coastline, dotted with little fishing ports and boating harbours.

Plougastel-Daoulas has a rich cultural activity, with numerous festivities taking place here during the summer season, and it has a diverse and attractive commercial base, combined with an authentic and well-preserved environment. You may like to visit the Strawberry and Heritage Museum in the town.