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Fax (by appointment) :
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Contact Headquarters : 5 Hent Meneyer, 29 950 Gouesnac'h, France.
Postal address : 2 impasse de Kervégant, 29 350 Moëlan sur mer, France.

A prized seaside resort, Plouescat is a small coastal town set in countryside predominantly given over to market gardening. Fine sand beaches and peaceful creeks make this an enchanting seaside destination. An elegant notch in the “golden belt”, the rich vegetable-growing region of the Pays du Léon, Plousecat is undoubtedly blessed when it comes to its countryside, whose dynamism and agricultural modernity contrast markedly with the tranquil beauty of the manors and chateaux round about.

Situated 15km to the west of Saint Pol de Léon, Plouescat can offer the shores of Frouden and Poulfoën, backed by dunes along its length. Don’t miss the famous 16th century ‘Halles’ (covered market place), with an imposing 10 metre high roof supported by pillars of solid oak which rest on enormous blocks of hewn granite. This covered market is the centrepiece of the main square.

Also to discover in the commune are the Cam-Louis menhir and the ‘passage’ dolmen of Guinirvit. At the port of Porsguen, you will find a nautical centre with kayaks, small sailing boats and sand yachts. You can also do a lovely walk by taking the Circuit des Goémoniers (kelp collectors’ trail). In neighbouring communes, at Plounévez Lochrist you can visit the Lochrist chapel, St Pierre church, the chateau of Maillé, and also in this region you can discover the picturesque village of Lanhouarneau with its fairs and markets, and its church, the Eglise Saint-Hervé.

The beautiful Goulven beach at Tréflez should also not be missed. Many music festivals take place at Plouescat during the season, jazz, international music, storytelling and legends, but also sporting events such as the Sand Yachting Grand Prix, which is held in the marine hippodrome in Kernic bay, so it is a resort with something to offer at any time of year.