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"Degemer mat e Breizh", Welcome to Brittany!

Pointing out to sea like the prow of the European continent, Brittany is and has always been a region which exudes character and authenticity. It shares these characteristics with Corsica, and this is hardly a coincidence, as Finistère and Corsica are the French départements with the longest coastlines. Brittany became French because of the marriage of the Duchesse Anne to two kings of France, but it always knew how to retain a certain independence, and how to cultivate its own traditions and culture that made it special. Down the ages, from the prehistoric men who made the megaliths, through to the Celts and then the Gauls, all felt this fierce autonomy and desire for freedom - and even Asterix, the well-known cartoon strip character based in ancient Gaul, proudly displays this sentiment.

Brittany, with the Channel to the north and the Atlantic to the west, is first and foremost a maritime region - indeed the ancient name for this region, Aremorica, means 'place by the sea'. However, it is also a land characterised by woodland, agriculture and farming, and the Breton word Argoat, roughly translating as 'beside woodland', is often used to refer to inland Brittany. Brittany could single-handedly produce enough to feed all of France. It rears 60% of the country's pigs and 25% of the country's poultry, not to mention supplying vegetables, cereals, and of course seafood: fish, shellfish and crustaceans. The agri-food industry is also very developped, with the largest factories in France located here. It is also the privileged base of the French Navy, from nuclear attack submarines on the Ile Longue to marine commando units stationed at the naval aviation base at Lann-Bihoué, as well as military ports at Brest and Lorient.

Brittany is composed of 4 départements (like counties or shires): Finistère, Morbihan, Côtes d’Armor, and Ille et Vilaine. It is a dynamic and populous region, with a well qualified and very cultivated population. With first rate research centres, universities and technological colleges, it is one of the economic and cultural engines of France, a region of high importance for the country. It is also one of France's top tourist destinations.

Although each year Brittany ranks in the top 3 regions for tourism in France, which itself receives the most foreign tourists of any country in the world, the influx of visitors really isn't noticeable, like it can be in the south of France for example. Here, you can park at the beach and you don't have to queue for everything. No crowds, no traffic jams, and the motorways are all toll-free!

Here, you will find a coastline that is well looked after, natural and not concreted over, like it can be in other countries or in the south of France, because Brittany knows how to preserve its natural heritage. The shoreline is publicly owned, and this has enabled coastal conservation and protection to be in place for a long time. As a result, with the exception of a few coastal urban centres, almost the whole Breton coastline has maintained its natural or even 'wild' aspect, and will stay this way for future generations to enjoy.

In these pages you will find our guide to Brittany: the places where we have holiday rental properties and the key places which will be of interest to visit during your stay. Quite simply, we would like to present our region and its attractions to you, and tempt you to come and experience them for yourselves. Localities are ordered according to their geographic location: south to north for Finistère; north to south for Morbihan. We have also included a number of localities in Côtes d’Armor and Ille et Vilaine, as well as Loire Atlantique, and the Nantes area, which still feels itself to be part of Brittany, as it was historically, and has demanded reunification since their separation under the Vichy government during the Second World War.

We have villas for rent and villas for sale in 3 of the 4 départements of Brittany, although the majority of our properties are in Finistère, the most emblematic Breton département of all. And, as is commonly done here, we have split it into two sections, southern Finistère and northern Finistère.

As you take a journey of discovery across Brittany through these pages, we are confident you will fall in love with the beauty and variety on offer and we hope you'll come and visit in person soon!