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An ‘aber’ is a small estuary cutting into the coastline. At the north-west end of the so-called Coast of Legends in Brittany, you will find Aber-Benoit, a real miniature fjord, and Aber-Wrach, land and sea coming together in a perfect symbiosis of the elements. Aber-Wrach is also a pleasure port and a centre for learning to sail, and at its mouth is the beautiful Baie des Anges, watched over by the Phare de la Vierge lighthouse.

The rocky coastline is magnificent and the fine sandy beaches are mini paradises. Numerous paths invite long strolls either along the shore, over the dunes, to Sainte Marguerite or Corn-ar-Gazel, or across woods and fields, guiding your steps towards historic chapels or to the impressive Château de Tremazan.

The little fishing port of Portsall is very typical with its coloured boats which unload their small daily catch, and its equally colourful terrace cafés. Aber-Ildut, the smallest of the abers, is a charming place with its picturesque little port, and it marks the meeting point of the waters of the Channel and the Atlantic. The coastal scenic route at Porspoder is sure to delight and reveal the full grandeur of this coastline.

At Plouguerneau, you can visit the pretty church and its 17th century wooden statuettes, formerly carried in religious processions, as well as the Museum about ‘Goémoniers’ (kelp collectors). And if you are feeling brave, climb up to the top of the huge lighthouse (constructed between 1898-1902) on the Ile de la Vierge, which dominates the abers at 82.5 metres tall and offers a splendid view over this jagged coastline.