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Cadoret oysters

Nestled in the shadows of the Bélon estuary, a stone’s throw from Pont-Aven, Riec-sur-Belon has established a reputation on the remarkable flavour of its oysters, particularly the flat variety which bears the name of the estuary.
It is here that, for five generations, the ‘Cadouret tradition’ has endured, a true labour of love born of passion and hard work.

Les Huitres Cadoret

It was in 1880 that François Cadoret created the firm ‘Les Huitres Cadoret’. He has since been succeeded by five generations, and their experience and savoir-faire have only become more refined during that time.
A few years ago, Jacques Cadouret passed the baton on to his son Jean-Jacques, who respectfully continues the tradition, whilst continually optimising cultivation methods.

Over and above the enjoyment of its taste, the oyster is a nutritional choice of food.
It is low in calories, fats and cholesterol. It is rich in proteins and vitamins (principally B12), as well as magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and, of course, iodine.
So eating oysters can be good for the body as well as the taste buds… and a slice of rye bread spread with salted Breton butter and a little glass of dry white wine make perfect companions.

Today, the firm’s annual turnover is over 10 million euros and they there are 60 permanent employees (more than 200 at the busy end of year period).
60% of their turnover comes from exports, mainly to Italy, Russia, China, countries in which the finest chefs choose Cadouret oysters for their menus.

Chef Patrick Jeffroy

In order to cater for different tastes, Jean-Jacques Cadoret cultivates different species of oysters, two of which are the following:

The black pearl
Black pearl oysterThese are special oysters, fleshy and crunchy, which come from the Utah Beach beds in Normandy and are matured in the Bélon river for three months in order to deepen their flavour without changing the typical characteristics of the meat.

The flat oyster
The Belon oysterThese oysters are cultivated for three years in deep waters, followed by an initial maturing in our ‘parks’ in Carantec, before having the benefit of a second maturation for two months in the famous Bélon river.

Our range of shellfish is extremely varied: mussels, cockles, various different types of clams, a shellfish known locally as a telline … and also whelks and winkles.
When in season, we can also offer scallops and Breton sea urchins.
And we give top billing to the Breton blue lobster, the undisputed lord of Breton waters.

Les Huîtres Cadoret

When you are in Brittany,
you can visit the company premises, at Riec sur Belon, from Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm in order to buy oysters and other shellfish direct, or pre-order by telephone on 00 33 2 98 06 91 22.

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