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Contact Headquarters : 5 Hent Meneyer, 29 950 Gouesnac'h, France.
Postal address : 2 impasse de Kervégant, 29 350 Moëlan sur mer, France.

A commune with inimitable charm, Névez enjoys a peaceful setting surrounded by verdant wooded countryside. It has seven kilometres of shoreline to its name, along which there lie numerous beaches and charming little harbours. Promoted in past times as a seaside resort, Névez continues to inspire painters and writers to this day, as well as bathers and sailing enthusiasts. You will be enchanted by the fine sandy beaches… Rospico, Tahiti, Raguénès and Dourveil all offering superb surroundings for sea swimming.

A network of walking trails starting from Hénan links the town with Port Raguénès, via the cliffs and coastal paths of Port-Manec’h. This seaside village, very fashionable in the Belle Epoque era, now attracts bathers, aficionados of sailing and kayaking, and painters. The view over the two river inlets – the Aven and the Belon – is magnificent. The glorious colours of sea, river and countryside come together in a stunning way here, in this commune marked by tradition.

The Névez area is also notable for its houses built of granite. Dotting the countryside between sea and river is a multitude of picturesque hamlets, where the houses are built from large vertical blocks of granite. Kérascöet and Kercanic are examples of such villages, which are known as ‘mein zao’ in Breton, meaning ‘upright stones’. Many of the houses are also thatched. The hamlet of Kéramperchec is particularly characterful, with its thatched roof and the distinctive construction using upright blocks of stone.

The site of Hénan is a timeless place whose riches are rooted in both history and nature. Kerdruc port and the bay of Poulguin are magical places, with an unparalleled quality of light.

6km away lies Pont-Aven, known as the ‘city of painters’. Over 60 art galleries line the streets of the town, and its Bois d’Amour woodland has become a popular stop on the Paul Gauguin trail. Allow yourself to be won over by the local delicacies: the famous Belon oysters, delicious crêpes, and Pont-Aven ‘galettes’ (buttery biscuits)… There is one supermarket at Névez, two at Trégunc 7km away and a further one in Pont-Aven at 6km.