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Bernard Jund, Artist and Painter

Jund was born in Paris on 21 November 1934.

après dissipation des Brumes

He was already drawing by the age of 13; his superb colour drawing of a boat was framed by his grandfather and hung in pride of place in the dining room alongside two landscapes in charcoal that had been copied from postcards…

At 14 Jund went to the Ecole Estienne, a specialist school which trains in all aspects of producing books, where he gained a diploma as a writer-lithographer. This background sheds light on the unusual name he gave to his Labrador, Elzévir, after a typeface.

In 1960, at 25 years of age, he had his first exhibition at the Petersen gallery in Lyon. After this came national shows in the Mac 2000 exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower, and in numerous galleries in Paris and across the country.

painting by Bernard Jund

Exhibiting with the group Phases International, which positioned itself between the Cobra and Surrealist movements and was led by Edouard Jaguer, his work was opened up to a global audience: Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Chicago in the US, Canada.

In 1965 Jund, along with the painter Yves Métivier, cofounded the ‘Solstice’ group in Vierzon and they were part of the ‘Sigma’ festival in Bordeaux and also ‘Signal’. A Vierzon group exhibition in Grasse entitled ‘Le temple de l’érotisme’ (The Temple of Eroticism) caught fire a quarter of an hour before the private view…
From 1966 to 1980, Jund created a number of artworks which could be displayed in either an open or a closed position. And in the 1980s he practised archery to use in street performances; the very first of these had taken place in 1969 in the Ranelagh area in Paris and was called ‘L’Armes Blanches’.

He participated in the first performance symposium in Lyon, organised by Orlan and Bessacier and later in ‘Armes et bagages’ at the Galerie Verrière in Lyon. He also appeared in a show called ‘Art mûr et flèches enflammées’ in Arc-et-Senans with the pyrotechnic artist Pierre Alain Hubert.

In 1979, he stayed with the Wayapi indigenous group who live at the upper course of the Oyapock river in French Guiana. He painted in Amazonia from 1980 to 2004… 20 years of his life where he was a member of Survival International, an organisation which defends ethnic minorities.

Painting by Bernard Jund  Painting by Bernard Jund  Painting by Bernard Jund

At the same time, he devoted himself to lithography and wood or lino engraving, and he released a series called ‘Rose et Flamme’ by J.L Roure, and a set of 6 litho prints entitled ‘Touwé Touwé’ printed in Lyon at URDLA (an international printmaking centre).

Jund wrote the screenplay for the film ‘La Maîtresse du grand sorcier’, directed by Bob Verrier, and starring Claude Doutre-Roussel and Yves Métivier.

The catalogue of his Amazonian paintings is a beautiful publication, with text written by J. M. G. Le Clézio.

painting by Bernard Jund  painting by Bernard Jund  painting by Bernard Jund

Bernard Jund has been the artist in residence at Maison 1932 gallery since 1995.

Bernard Jund portrait

To find out more, please visit the blog:
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Gallery-workshop ‘Maison 1932’

The Maison 1932 gallery is situated at number 12, rue Bel Air in Kersell, in the commune of Moëlan sur Mer, about 200 metres from the Port of Belon in the direction of Kerfany-les-Pins.

Maison 1932 gallery

The gallery is open from 15:30 to 19:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from mid June to mid September, and out of season by appointment only on 02 98 71 13 50. School groups also visit.

The building was inaugurated in May 1995 in the presence of the then mayor Mr M. Dubues. The gallery supports the Art Brut and Art Singulier genres, both classed as ‘outsider art’. These artists didn’t have anywhere to show their work, and so the list of artists to feature grew quickly…

Art Brut, a term coined by Jean Dubuffet (to whom a retrospective is currently dedicated at the Hélène et Edouard Leclerc foundation in Landerneau), originally referred to art created by psychiatric patients… Over time a distinction was made with the term Art Singulier, known in English as Marginal Art, which refers to work by self-taught artists outside of the art world who were not looking for renown, but who were nevertheless willing to show their creations…

Between 1996 and 2000, painters and sculptors have exhibited here individually or in pairs. And from 2001 to 2014, 18 artists have shown their work.

A travelling exhibition by the Vierzon Solstice group has been shown here. The gallery has also curated two exhibitions about the group: one in 2003 for the centenary of the death of Gauguin, with 30 participants and opened by Louis Le Pensec; and the other in 2014 to celebrate an imagined saint, St Ghulier, with 22 artists from the Quimperlé area.

The Art Brut collection was presented in 2001 and then in 2014 was taken to Réanimart gallery in Rosporden.

In 2006, three artists from Moëlan – Ballagny, Jund and Marchal – were involved in an exhibition of engravings which included a demonstration for the public.

In 2015, the Maison 1932 gallery celebrated its 20th anniversary!

Maison 1932 gallery  Maison 1932 gallery  Maison 1932 gallery

Art Brut artists exhibited: Michel Ferment, Véronique Langlois, Marc Birraux, Yseut Houssais, Paul Duhem, Gheroldi, Beaudoin…

Art Singulier artists:  Bernard Jund, Rose Lortet, Tirilly, Monchâtre, Chichorro, Marc Bourlier, Rannou, Chenu, Pinault, Duranel, Râak, Guallino…

Photos of artworks shown in 2014:

Maison 1932 gallery exhibition 2014   Maison 1932 gallery exhibition 2014   Maison 1932 gallery exhibition 2014

        Marie-jo Marchand                           Emmanuelle Le Moal                            Olive

Maison 1932

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