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Lorient, nautical city

Larmor-Plage coastline in a storm

Île de Groix

Île de Groix

View of the island of Groix

Entrance to the port of Groix

Arrival at Groix


Lorient figurehead of the Morbihan, with five ports that follows along the bay, the city of Lorient is the sea's postwar architecture, restored and colorized with success, do not forget the rich history human and of this city turned towards the great outdoors. Shipping links from Lorient are numerous. The time of day when you can go to Port Louis, Gâvres, Groix summer, Belle-Ile-en-Mer. To see the docks, the streets of the port, the shops have the dog rue Vauban, the fishing port and so on. Where to eat: The Kabila couscous specialties, Amphitryon's (very chic), The Hong Kong Chinese restaurant, many restaurants of different origins! Many pubs: The Admiral Benbow, the St. Patrick's, Galway Inn, The Pacific (box). Festival Interceltique the first half of August.