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Locronan is one of France’s most beautiful villages, built all of stone, a charming mini town that has served as a backdrop to numerous film shoots, notably in 1988 for the movie ‘Les Chouans’ by Philippe de Broca, with Sophie Marceau, Lambert Wilson, Philippe Noiret… but also Roman Polanski’s film ‘Tess’ in 1979, with Nastassja Kinski. This is because Locronan looks like a place from the past, and indeed this is deliberate with all the marks of our era hidden, for example, all electric cables buried in the ground, in order to give the impression of visiting a village of yesteryear.

Picturesque alleys lead to a large paved square, the hub of the granite-built village. The square is lined with Renaissance houses, a reminder of the village’s period of prosperity thanks to linen weaving and providing canvas for sails. The architecture here is the most handsome in lower Brittany, with a stunning 15th century church and superb cut stone houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as magnificent paved streets leading to the extensive and attractive square which is adorned with a well.

Locronan is also the site of the most famous pilgrimage in Brittany, very well-known across the region for its ‘Pardon’, which is a type of religious procession. Called ‘La Troménie’, it is a very special event and the largest one of its kind in the region.

This lovely little town is also notable nowadays for its art & craft shops (learn more of this long tradition at the ‘Maison des Artistes’ and the Museum), and its artisan workshops such as glassmaking and sculpture. These are a delight to discover whilst exploring the old streets, and visitors will no doubt also stop to sample a crêpe at some point.

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