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The fishing port

Fishing port

Harbour mouth

Trawler in the naval shipyard

Trawler in the shipyard


Le Guilvinec, the most important traditional fishing port in France, has had a close relationship with the sea since the 18th century. Situated at the far south-west of the Armorican peninsula, and immovably set on granite rocks, Le Guilvinec has superbly withstood the irascible moods of the waves. Its beautiful jagged coastline is a sight to behold when buffeted by winds and storms.

Just a small fishing village during the last century, Le Guilvinec is now the administrative capital of the maritime zone which encompasses the four ports of the ‘Pays Bigouden’ area, namely: Le Guilvinec, Saint-Guénolé, Bénodet, and Loctudy & Lesconil. A total of 253 fishing boats operate in this area, and 98 of them are based at the port of Le Guilvinec. It is the most important maritime region in France, both in terms of the number of fishermen and the value of the catch they bring in. Production across the Bigouden area represents 17.5% of the French fishing industry.

Approximately 850 tonnes of langoustine are brought into Le Guilvinec each year. The langoustine is emblematic of the Bigouden ports, and langoustine fishing is in full swing from April to July. The port is the liveliest spot in the town.

There are three megalithic monuments at Le Guilvinec: a burial mound over a passage tomb at Poulguen and two standing stones at Lanvar. On Fridays during July and August, the festival ‘Les Estivales’ floods the town with Breton and Celtic music. The Men Meur headland, to the west of the port, is a lovely spot with a magnificent view over the sea and an excellent vantage point to watch the fishing boats return to port.

Walking trails and footpaths follow the coast all the way to the port of Lesconil. Four nice places to discover on the way are the Léchiagat headland and the long beaches of Lehan, Skividan and Le Reun.