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Both robust and fragile, the isle of Sein constantly defies the storms that rage around it, and allows itself to be caressed by sea breezes; it sits, like a mirage, due west on the blue horizon. Boats to Sein depart from Audierne, and during the crossing there is a superb view of the emblematic Pointe du Raz headland with its famous lighthouses, notably Ar Men, which protect this notoriously dangerous part of the sea.

With a population of 250 in winter and 1500 in summer, the only means of transport on the island is on foot, and there are very few shops, its main economy being fishing. Just a strip of sand and rocks, the village and the port, and of course the lighthouses, witnesses to the lifesaving expertise of the people of Sein.

There is a little museum to discover, which commemorates those inhabitants who answered De Gaulle’s call to help liberate France in June 1940. The island is within the protected area of the Armorique natural park.