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The Ile d’Arz is a little known gem. At one remove from the flood of tourists which inundate the Gulf of Morbihan each summer, the island has been able to retain its authenticity. It is still nicknamed ‘the Captain’s island’ because of its long-standing connection with seafarers. The ‘commune’ (parish) of Arz is actually a small archipelago composed of seven isles. Nature lovers will appreciate the unspoilt and varied landscapes here: beaches, rocky shores, cultivated land, marshland and meadows.

It is not possible to go swimming at low tide on the Ile d’Arz; the inhabitants get around on foot or by bike, as there are very few cars on this island. Be prepared for a voyage of discovery full of surprises as you follow the coastal path which encircles the island – keen hikers may like to do the full circuit of 18km.

For those who enjoy a good walk, this island really is a joy with its little footpaths, its peninsulas and little islands joined by thin causeways, its wildness and unexpected discoveries, such as the megalithic site at the Liouse headland.