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Arrival on the island

The island's harbour

The town

An unofficial mooring place!

View of the Archipelago, looking to Ouessant in the distance

Main beach

Molène's largest beach

Molène's main beach

Molène's main beach

The island's marina

The island's marina

Seaweed from the seabed

Fisherman's cottage


The island of Molène has been inhabited since prehistoric times. 1200 metres long and 800 metres wide, it is flanked by the smaller islands of Balaneg, Bannec, Béniguet, Quéménes and Triélen, and the archipelago is a UNESCO site, notable for the quality of its littoral and its coastal waters.

277 people live in the village on Molène, which faces away from the dominant winds, and its fishing port is sheltered to the east by the isle of Lédénes and to the south by a shingle bar. Lobster and kelp are the island’s main resources, along with some tourism, a hotel and a campsite. The name Molène means ‘bare island’, and indeed it has very little vegetation, and a lot of plots of land fairly cheek to jowl.

In the village, the houses nestle around the church of Saint Renan and the semaphore station, a sentinel of navigation, from which a vast panorama opens up over the archipelago of little isles covered with kelp. It takes about an hour to walk around the island.

Places of interest include the museum about Drummond Castle, an English liner which was shipwrecked here and whose rescue by the people of Molène gained official recognition from the British Crown. The marine wildlife that can be seen here includes: dolphins, grey seals, sea otters, and sea birds.