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Hennebont is a ‘town in bloom’ located between sea and countryside, a few kilometres from Lorient, a former bridge-town on the Blavet and a medieval gateway to the Breton canal network. Fortified in the XIII century, Hennebont offers the charm of a town of 14,000 inhabitants, rich in terms of its past, its historic and cultural heritage, its traditions and its dynamism.

Recognised as an important town for art in Brittany, and a medieval town, Hennebont is welcoming to visitors. Don’t miss the ramparts and the Broërec’h gateway with its town museum, and the Ferré well dating from 1623 which provided the inhabitants with drinking water. This superb walled town is dominated by the bell tower of Notre Dame de Paradis, a flamboyant Gothic style basilica with a 65 metre high spire (XVI century) and an enchanting interior whose nave is adorned with modern stained glass windows by Max Ingrand. The façades of the different hotels in town are also worth seeing.

Another must-do activity here is the circular walk of the ramparts, an opportunity to admire the banks and valley of the River Blavet. Finally two last visit suggestions: the National Stud set in the grounds of the Abbaie de la Joie-Notre-Dame (stallions, workhorses and farmhorses), and the Industrial Eco-Museum at Lochrist-Inzinzac, housed in the village’s former forge.