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Well known in France for its football team, Guingamp has preserved its rich history an impressive architectural heritage to visit. For example during a walk you can admire the ancient walls , witnesses of the old fortifications , the ruins of the castle which stood here in the fifteenth S. to also discover the half-timbered houses , timbered around Plomée , and of course the Basilica of Our Lady of XII to XVI , building a complex mixture of Gothic and Renaissance on his left side to his right. Atonement night in July.

The nearest coast is the charming village of Saint -Quay- Portrieux , with its new deep water port , the largest resort on the coast of Goëlo five beaches , beautiful landscaped walkway coastal path cornices and semaphore. At the heart of the Bay of Saint- Brieuc Bréhat and between Cape Freels . Bay St Brieux is the 5th in the world for the amplitude of tides , the sea can withdraw up to 7 km, a nature reserve , it is the Mecca of fishing scallops Jacques.