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Mouth of the Laïta river separating the Finistère and Morbihan departments

The beach

Arriving at Guidel beach

Large well maintained beaches

View of Finistère from the other side

The beach at low tide

View from the Laïta

Mouth of the Laïta between Finistère and Morbihan


At Guidel, you will find four very nice, large beaches as well as the tranquil and picturesque mouth of the Laïta, the river which forms the border with the Finistère department. Guidel is proud of its seven chapels (where classical music concerts take place in summer) dotted within the parish as well as its old tidal mill.

It is above all a family seaside town offering numerous water-based activities and opportunities to enjoy nature. Lovely walks can be made along the river Laïta from the marina, the 5 kilometres of coastal path offering a magnificent panorama in any weather, particularly impressive on stormy days.

Not far away is Larmor-Plage, another seaside resort, frequented by the inhabitants of Lorient. Larmor-Plage is not one of these pretty former fishing villages redeveloped by tourism, nor is it an ultra-typical Breton town hallowed for its Celtic identity, but it is nevertheless worth a detour.

Firstly, the beautiful beaches of Guidel and Larmor are ideally suited to all types of water sports, although particularly surfing due to the superb waves. And a rare thing to find, in the very centre of Larmor-Plage, the terraces of the most sought-after bars are right on the beach.