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The Breton Boulangerie-Pâtisserie.

Once you’ve arrived in Brittany, no doubt one of the first shops you will seek out is the bakery, ‘la boulangerie’…

They are everywhere here, although there used to be more. Each village in the 'commune' would have had their own bakery, so about 50 years ago there were no less than 17 in the commune of Moëlan sur Mer; nowadays I count five, three of which are in the town… and which are also patisseries, offering delicious cakes and pastries.

Back in the day, many shops also operated as a ‘café’ alongside their principal activity, a practice which can still sometimes be seen today, so it is not uncommon in Brittany to come across a bistro which is also a hairdresser’s, a baker’s, a grocer’s, or a newsagent. This traditional style of village life does still endure in places, but of course is gradually disappearing.

So, below are some of the tasty delights which you can find in ‘Les Gourmands Disent…’ and ‘La Boutique Gourmande’, the two boulangerie-pâtisseries on the square in Moëlan sur Mer, an area where many of our holiday rental properties are located.



Traditional French pastries and, of course, Breton specialities such as gâteau breton and Kouign Amann. This latter is very typical Breton fare, a buttery cake which originated in Douarnenez in the Finistère département, made by adding generous amounts of butter and sugar to a bread dough then folding it over and over in a similar way to puff pastry.

Kouign Amann

Kouign Amann

Kouign Amann  Kouign Amann

Continuing the theme, the gâteau breton is equally full of salted butter. This does mean that it keeps very well, and tastes as good as fresh after a month! This cake’s history is hazy but it started to be mentioned in cookery books in the second half of the 19th century. It is best enjoyed accompanied by a good cup of coffee, or by a strong cider, which is served in a bowl in Brittany. The gâteau is usually cut into triangular portions, or the more traditional diamond-shape pieces.

Le Gâteau Breton

Another dessert that is emblematic of the region is far, a custard flan often containing prunes or apples.

Far Breton

Far Breton

And beautiful individual pastries, including the well-known éclair, mini lemon or pear tarts, and of course the famous ‘Paris-Brest’, a choux pastry filled with praline cream.

Le Paris-Brest

Gâteau La boutique gourmande

There are also delicious brioches, made from a very old traditional recipe.


Our boulangeries can also offer local specialities, crêpes, honey…


Caramel beurre salé


Every region in France has its own way of making bread, because different recipes are followed, but also because of the different climactic and atmospheric conditions. It is the same for Brittany, the bread here has a different taste from that made elsewhere, even the traditional loafs such as the baguette (long and thin), the gros pain (rounded) or the more rustic baguette tradition. And then there are numerous more local specialities, such as pain noir and other loafs made with bran or rye… which go particularly well with seafood incidentally.

Pain fleuron

In France, bread is important! As for myself, the grandson of the Kersell baker at Kerfany les Pins, the main beach in the Moëlan area, I can only say how the wonderful tastes and smells of my childhood come flooding back when I go into my local boulangeries in Moëlan sur Mer, on the church square, where these mouth-watering images were taken…

Boulangerie Pâtisserie 'La Boutique Gourmande', Alain & Florence Colas, tel: 0033 2 98 39 68 96

Boulangerie Pâtisserie 'Les gourmands disent…', tel: 0033 2 98 39 60 50

Perhaps I will bump into you soon at the boulangerie,