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Between Fouesnant, Beg-Meil, Cap Coz and Mousterlin, there are 50km of footpaths, 17km of white sandy beaches, sunken lanes, and superb guided walks to enjoy through natural sites.

There is also the opportunity for an outing to the Glénan islands, a magnificent archipelago which is home to an internationally recognised sailing and diving school. The Glénan islands are scattered about 20 kilometres from the nearest town Concarneau, but the archipelago officially comes under the jurisdiction of Fouesnant.

The principal islands are Bananec, Cigogne, Le Drennec, Giautec, Guiriden, Loc’h, Penfret, Quignénec and Saint Nicolas. Roughly distributed in a circle, they create a sort of small interior sea, which is referred to as ‘La Chambre’ meaning chamber or bedroom. In summer, this body of water is often as turquoise-hued as a tropical lagoon, and even the beaches have an exotic look, lapped by transparent water and composed of white sands reminiscent of the shorelines of the southern seas. The islands are a well-known haunt of southern Finistère’s keenest sailors; just an hour or two at sea and they can reach this mini paradise, so close to the mainland but offering such a complete change of scene.

If you like visiting castles, go to Combrit, at the mouth of the Odet. Back in Fouesnant, the water sports centre ‘Les Balnéïdes’ will delight children and adults alike. The combination of sea and countryside offered by Fouesnant & the Glénans makes this area such an ideal holiday destination.

Cap-Coz is a sandbar at the entrance to an inlet called the Anse de Penfoulic. Cap-Coz is both a popular seaside resort and a small but very developed fishing port. A coastal path runs along the corniche of the bay of La Forêt. Places to see: Kerbader, Penfoulic woods, the Mousterlin marshes, the White Sea dunes.

At Beg-Meil, the beautiful fine sandy beaches bordered by pine and cypress trees have previously attracted illustrious visitors such as Marcel Proust, Sarah Bernhardt. Their presence greatly contributed to making Beg-Meil a fashionable summer resort at the beginning of the last century. And this resort is still one of the most popular in the region.