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Saint Cado


You will be charmed by this country's druidic Erdeven and Carnac. Between the estuary of the Etel and Quiberon Bay, you will visit Erdeven in Breton "on the side of the dune, which offers great sandy beaches, overlooked by a large dune, a single site in Britain. The many sports played here also make the resort very attractive. Erdeven is an important megalithic site in the department. It is here that the largest dolmen in the world and alignments of beauty. Castles, manor houses, mills and many chapels abound in the countryside, also being a rich heritage. The small fishing port and marina Etel, between Lorient and Quiberon, is remarkable for its wide dunes, but also its dreaded "Bar", a shifting sandbar that it has killed many crews, offers a breathtaking spectacle. The town is a passage in an estuary, the Ria of Etel, home to many islands and beautiful scenery. At 7 km, nearly three thousand megaliths of Carnac is famous. It is an extraordinary concentration of dolmens, menhirs, barrows which cover the entire municipality. Sports, swimming, Carnac is the resort type to enjoy your holiday.