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Saint Cado


Prepare to be seduced by the druidic country of Erdeven and Carnac. You will find Erdeven between the Etel estuary and the bay of Quiberon. Its name meaning ‘on the dune side’ in Breton, Erdeven offers long white sand beaches in the shadow of a vast dune, a unique site in Brittany. The numerous sports which can be practised here also make this a very appealing resort.

Erdeven is an important site in the department for megaliths. Indeed, the largest dolmen in the world is here, along with awe-inspiring alignments of standing stones. Châteaux, stately homes, mills and many chapels are also dotted all over the countryside, evidence of a rich heritage.

The little fishing port and marina of Etel, between Quiberon and Lorient, is of note for its enormous dunes but also for its formidable ‘bar’, a mobile sand bank which is an impressive sight despite costing the lives of many ships’ crews. There is also some beautiful scenery in the ‘Ria d’Etel’, the marine estuary, which harbours lots of small islets.

Carnac, 7km away, is renowned for its nearly 3,000 megaliths. An extraordinary concentration of dolmens, menhirs and tumuli are spread across the commune. With its sporting activities and swimming, Erdeven is the ideal seaside resort for a wonderful holiday in Morbihan.