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This town, with official recognition for its artistic and historic heritage, is one of the most spectacular fortified walled towns in France and is set on a hill overlooking the River Rance. The encircling walls, begun in 1283, are over 3km in length and enclose the old town’s 30 or so hectares. At the time it was the ducal town of Jean I, and in the 14th century several towers were built, including the Coëtquen, Duchesse Anne and Sainte Catherine towers. This last looks out over the bridge, the port and the viaduct and offers a magnificent vista over the Rance valley below. The town also has several gateways: Jerzual, Brest, St Malo and St Louis XVII.

The famous name of Bertrand Du Guesclin is associated with the medieval history of the town. In 1357 he defended it against the English, ending in a victorious duel against the Duke of Lancaster, Cantorbéry .

The town centre is dotted with lovely old half-timbered houses, churches, former monasteries like the Cordeliers convent, residences of the nobility, and wealthy merchants’ mansions. A feature of particular note is the 15th century spiral staircase in the house of Mère Pourcel, as well as the Governor’s House.

There are also some wonderful squares, such as Place St Sauveur with its English garden and its 12th century basilica (which houses the relic of Du Guesclin’s heart). Originally Romanesque in style, with some Byzantine influence later on, it was then partly rebuilt in Gothic style in the 16th century. The 14th century Château of Jean IV was the ducal seat, and today houses a museum with collections of period furniture and dress, and works of religious art.

The Rue de Jerzual leads down to the port, a place where trade and craftmanship continue to thrive as they always have, in the guise of art boutiques and super little traditional restaurants right beside the river Rance.