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Telgruc sur Mer

Crozon peninsula

Telgruc sur Mer

Telgruc sur Mer

Telgruc sur Mer

Menez-Hom summit



Crozon, along with its ‘twin sister’ Morgat, is a charming little seaside resort on the Crozon peninsula, lying snuggly in a cove between two cliffs, its large beach rolling out as far as the port, both a working fishing port and a pleasure marina, well sheltered by the Beg-ar-Gador headland, and the favourite port of call of English mariners. There are some magnificent villas from the 1900s to admire, for example the ‘Grand Hôtel de la Mer’, built in 1908.

Accessible at low tide, you can discover a number of caves, large ones include: the Altar, St Marine, the Devil’s Chamber; and some smaller ones… they are found between the main beach and Portzic beach.

The ‘Centre Nautique Crozon-Morgat’, as well as Point Passion Port on Morgat beach, offer the opportunity of trying all sorts of water sports, kayaking, catamarans, wind-surfing, sailing, motor boating, and boat trips. In season you can also visit the Maison des Minéraux (geology museum) at St-Hernot.

Crozon is the commercial and administrative centre of the peninsula, its largest commune, and made dynamic also by the presence of the French Navy, which replaced the traditional activities of flax and hemp cultivation and, of course, fishing. The charming little port of Fret to the north of the commune can also be admired.

Crozon has many architectural treasures to discover, but its most unique feature is that no other region in the world has so many ‘caps’ and rocky headlands, and such great views as a result! Cap de la Chèvre, Pointe de Dinan, Penhir, Espagnols, Lanvéoc, Grand Gouin and more… many hours of hiking and walking to be enjoyed.

Menez-Hom, the highest point in Brittany at 330 metres above sea level, stands at the gateway to the Crozon peninsula. Other places of interest nearby are Landévennec Abbey, and the charming villages of Roscanvel and Le Fret.