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The walled town

Port of Concarneau

The walled town

The walled town

Trawling net

Small fishing boats

The fishing port

Fishing baskets

Trawler boats

Old trawler

Old trawler

Street in Lanriec

La Baie de la Forêt, the bay on which Concarneau sits

The commercial port

The commercial port and the walled 'ville close'

Excursions departing from Concarneau

'La Ville Close', the walled town


Set on the edge of the Baie de la Forêt, the town of Concarneau is the third largest fishing port in France and also a hub for leisure activities and tourism. Its ‘ville close’, a fortified old town, is one of Brittany’s most emblematic sights. Enclosed by ramparts and dominated by a belfry, the historic streets are lined with granite-built houses and are also home to the Musée de la Pêche. Housed in the former arsenal, this museum focuses on the importance of fishing in Concarneau’s history.

One of the most visited tourist sites in Brittany, within the walled town you will find lots of souvenir shops, art and fashion boutiques, crêperies, cafés, icecream shops, and vendors of Breton specialities such as ‘galette’ biscuits. At the entrance to the citadel you will often hear a group playing traditional folk music… And just outside in the floating museum you will see various vessels, including a trawler.

The walk around the ramparts is superb, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the town and its fishing port, commercial port, marina and quaysides. Representing a cradle of history for the town, the ville close delights all its visitors and caters for them with numerous boutiques and art galleries scattered throughout the citadel. The commune also boasts a good number of beaches and a varied programme of events throughout the year.

For example, there are beautiful beaches at Le Cabellou but it is also an arty place with exhibitions and galleries. No wonder that in summer Concarneau is very popular with tourists. Splendid views of the bay can be enjoyed all along the coast and the best beaches are Le Cabellou and Sables Blancs, but there are also many other bays either side of the town, the most well-known being Les Dames, Les Dunes, Cornouailles and Porzou.

The marina, although typical of an important maritime city, boasts an exceptional setting in the shadow of the ville close. And on the other side of the citadel are the fishing port and fishmarket, whose rhythm and routine imbue the town with life and activity, and a little further on lies the commercial port. Don’t miss the international festival of Breton folklore, Les Filets Bleus, which takes place in mid August, a celebration of traditional Breton culture. Concarneau is the embarkation point for various boat excursions, notably to the Glénan island archipelago. And there is always plenty of nightlife during the season in Concarneau.