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Contact Headquarters : 5 Hent Meneyer, 29 950 Gouesnac'h, France.
Postal address : 2 impasse de Kervégant, 29 350 Moëlan sur mer, France.

Carantec is a family seaside resort, located on a peninsula between the Penzé estuary and the River Morlaix. From the ‘Priest’s Chair’ rock, you will get a view of the beaches of Porspol and La Grève Blanche, and St Pol de Leon and Roscoff beyond, and in the other direction of the Pen-al-Lann headland.

The islet of Callot is excellent for fishing, with two charming beaches, and the beaches of Guerzes and St-Samson. Callot is accessible from down by the port. The islet sits in the Bay of Morlaix (the town itself is only 9km away), one of the most beautiful bays in France, an enchanting site which begs discovery. To visit on the island: a small maritime museum, the Notre-Dame-de-Callot chapel, and the Château du Taureau.

The picturesque little streets of old Carantec are ideal for a relaxed stroll, heading for the harbour. The largest beach, Plage du Kelenn, as well as being a nice spot for sunbathing, offers play areas, a nautical centre, and some lovely terrace cafés and crêperies. The beaches of Penquer, Cosmeur and Clouet each have their own charm and their own devotees. Pen-al-Lann is a delightful place, with some beautiful properties hiding there. A coastal footpath leading to the Cosmeur headland rewards walkers with a view of the bay.

A magnificent panorama is provided by the bird reserve and the islands. And the fantastic view from the ‘Priest’s Chair’, further to the west, on the side of Kelenn beach, is also sure to impress. Oyster farming is a local specialism, as well as lobster and various species of fish.