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Wild coastlines and majestic beaches, punctuated by picturesque ports and seaside resorts make Brittany the preferred choice for many visitors to France. Brittany enjoys a mild climate and its Atlantic waters are pleasantly warmed by the Gulf Stream, and there are many beautiful beaches for bathing as well as various aquatic sports on offer. Inland, a variety of landscapes awaits exploration: valleys, forests, moors and a network of rivers and canals. There is the opportunity to try a huge range of activities in Brittany: beach volleyball, squash, windsurfing, fishing, golf, horse-riding and mountain biking to name but a few. There are also museums, galleries, zoos and aquariums to visit, as well as nature reserves and parks. Festivals and events, often centred around music and dancing, are held throughout the year.

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Remember Asterix and his friend Obelix who always seemed to be carrying a huge lump of stone on his back? Well, the lumps of stone are officially called menhirs, from the Breton words ‘men’ (meaning stone) and ‘hir’ (meaning long). These feisty characters hailed from ancient Gaul, and specifically the northwest peninsula in what is now Brittany, where they held out from Roman invasion, a setting based on factual history although there is undoubtedly much imagination too in the Asterix stories!

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