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As one of our closest neighbours, France’s history is often inextricably linked with Britain’s and it can be particularly fascinating to discover the connections across a shared timeline. As a neighbour, we may sometimes think we have a clear picture of what France is and has to offer… but like our own country, all the different regions have their own distinctive flavour: local customs, gastronomic specialities and diverse landscapes. With so much to offer, Brittany draws first-time visitors to experience its unique blend of culture, fun and relaxation, and once smitten they are sure to return again and again!

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Remember Asterix and his friend Obelix who always seemed to be carrying a huge lump of stone on his back? Well, the lumps of stone are officially called menhirs, from the Breton words ‘men’ (meaning stone) and ‘hir’ (meaning long). These feisty characters hailed from ancient Gaul, and specifically the northwest peninsula in what is now Brittany, where they held out from Roman invasion, a setting based on factual history although there is undoubtedly much imagination too in the Asterix stories!

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