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Settled in the heart of the lush Blavet valley, Baud is set on a hilltop overlooking the picturesque valley of the river Evel. Of note is the current church, which was built on the site of the 16th century chapel of Notre-Dame de la Clarté. A fountain carrying the same name is also a point of interest here. And a unique, and indeed listed, monument in Baud is the Venus of Quinipily, set within exquisite gardens. In Melrand, both the 15th century Chapel of Locmaria and the archaeological centre should be visited, and at Plumélieau the beautiful village of St Nicolas des Eaux on the bank of the Blavet.

Also do not miss visiting the village of Poul Fetan at Quistinic, a village from times gone by, with its beautiful thatched cottages and its yesteryear atmosphere.

Also awaiting discovery in Baud, the Postcard Museum, a unique collection representative of Breton society from the early 10th century.