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The ‘Festival Interceltique’ in Lorient attracted crowds of 750,000 people in 2014, eclipsing the numbers drawn by Brittany’s other major festivals, the Vieilles Charrues and the Festival des Cornouailles, at 225,000 and 200,000 respectively. The duration of the festival – 11 days – certainly contributes to the significant number of festival-goers, with the port city of Lorient literally pulsating with Celtic music for the first half of August each year.


‘Memory and dreams of the Celtic world’ was the catchphrase for the festival in 2014, and special honour and focus was given to Ireland, a country considered by all to be deeply linked to the Celtic spirit. The Celtic imagination lives in the legends, imagery and landscape of Ireland, but also resonates in its music as the festival’s musicians brilliantly demonstrated, sometimes accompanied by dancers.


Performances and exhibitions were also organised around the theme of  Irish and Breton arts and crafts, traditional and contemporary, contributing to the diversity of the festival.

In welcoming Ireland on Breton soil, the festival demonstrated the unifying power of the Celtic imagination, which allows Brittany to open itself to other countries by highlighting shared traditions whilst also celebrating the uniqueness of each region.

Every summer, Lorient becomes the Celtic capital, and it’s a feast for the eyes and of course the ears! Experience the festival for yourself in 2015, between 7th and 16th August, when Cornwall and the Isle of Man will be the special focus.

Shérine Taia

In the meantime, you can watch and re-watch the highlights of the 2014 Festival Interceltique (as well as past years) on the festival’s youtube channel:

Le festival Interceltique de Lorient sur Youtube

To view the main concert from 2014, which was broadcast on France 3, go to the France TV Info website:

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