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Si Belle is a French real estate agency based in Moëlan sur Mer in Brittany, specialising in rentals and sales of quality villas with private pools located by the sea.

Si Belle offers a wide variety of holiday rental properties in Brittany, from charming cottages to period properties, modern and contemporary villas, luxury villas, villas with indoor pools and villas with covered heated private pools... an ideal rental villa for a Brittany holiday!

Or if you are looking to purchase a property for sale in Brittany, Si Belle estate agency based in Moëlan sur Mer in southern Finistère can help you find the villa you are looking for.
Discover our selection of 'Villas at the water's edge', with sea views or beside the coast, as well as our 'Prestige Villas' which are exceptional properties with private pools.
Book your holiday now with our agency, based here in Brittany, with only a 30% deposit required.

Indoor heated pools for year-round enjoyment; sea views; all properties for rent or for sale have been carefully selected, most being situated in southern Brittany - in southern Finistère and Morbihan - but also in northern Finistère and Côtes-d'Armor departments. Don't hesitate to contact us to organise your holiday and benefit from our experience gained since 1995.

Or if you'd like to go further afield, take a look at our selection of luxury villas in St Tropez and on the Côte d'Azur, as well as our quality villas in Saint Barthélemy (French West Indies) in the Caribbean, for your dream holiday in the tropics... Allow our agency, Si Belle, to help you enjoy a wonderful vacation by the sea, whether the Caribbean or the Mediterranean Sea, the Channel or the Atlantic Ocean.
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04/10/2019 -

Paul Gauguin and the places which inspired his art, from Pont-Aven to the Marquesas Islands.

Paul Gauguin was born in Paris on 7th June 1848, and died at Atuona in the Marquesas Islands on 8th May 1903. This famous painter was at first an Impressionist, but although coming from this movement he reacted against it by moving on in his work to use large uniform areas of colour and a more abstract drawing style. He was striving for a simplification of shape, eliminating details in order to retain only the essential form, a simplification achieved through the use of bold outlines and flat colour. His paintings abound in warm colours and soft shapes, placing the same importance on the natural element as on the figurative. He also wanted, as a symbolist, to confer a spiritual meaning onto his paintings. As his creativity began to burgeon, he spent some time in Brittany in 1886 with the young Emile Bernard, a cultured young man, only 18 years old, whereas Paul Gauguin was 38. It was at this time that, along with a few others, he founded what would later be known as the Pont-Aven School, and synthetism was born.

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