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Si Belle is a real estate agency based in Moëlan sur Mer in Brittany, specialising in rentals and sales of quality villas with private pools.

Si Belle offers a wide variety of holiday rental properties in Brittany, from charming cottages to period properties, modern and contemporary villas, luxury villas, villas with indoor pools and villas with covered heated private pools... an ideal rental villa for a Brittany holiday!

Or if you are looking to purchase a property for sale in Brittany, Si Belle estate agency based in Moëlan sur Mer in southern Finistère can help you find the villa you are looking for.
Discover our selection of 'Villas at the water's edge', with sea views or beside the coast, as well as our 'Prestige Villas' which are exceptional properties with private pools.
Book your holiday now with our estate agency, based here in Brittany, with only a 20% deposit required.

Indoor heated pools for year-round enjoyment; sea views; all properties for rent or for sale have been carefully selected, most being situated in southern Brittany - in southern Finistère and Morbihan - but also in northern Finistère and Côtes-d'Armor departments. Don't hesitate to contact us to organise your holiday and benefit from our experience gained since 1995.
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21/06/2016 -

Armelle’s Crêpe Recipe

Whilst holidaying in Brittany, you can’t miss visiting a crêperie – you can find one in most places. Crêpes, or ‘galettes’ as they are also known here, are almost as famous as pizzas or hamburgers and, because Bretons are great travellers, crêperies can now be found all around the world. There are two basic types of crêpe in terms of the flour used, either wheat flour for sweet crêpes or buckwheat flour for savoury crêpes. Both are usually accompanied by a bottle of cider, either ‘doux’ (the sweetest and lightest in terms of alcohol content), ‘sec’ or ‘brut’ (the driest and most alcoholic) or ‘demi-sec’ (in between). The cider is typically served in a bowl or wide cup, so you may hear people ask for “une bolée de cidre”. Or purists may order “un lait ribot”, a cup of buttermilk. Here is a homemade recipe, original in that it involves mixing the two different types of flour to create a crêpe which is equally good for sweet or savoury fillings.

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